How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Are you considering getting dental implants but have some concerns about how long they will last? Are you worried that your dental implants won’t last forever or be permanent? It is worth noting that nothing actually lasts forever. It would be best if you didn’t let your anxieties or concerns over dental implants lasting forever stop you from getting this incredible and life-changing dental procedure. With the right installation, upkeep and effort, dental implants can last upwards of 25 years. Here’s how to ensure your dental implants will last a lifetime.

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Purpose of Dental Implants

First, let’s break down the purpose of dental implants. Dental implants are designed to permanently replace natural teeth that may be missing or damaged. Dental implants have the same structure as natural teeth as they are securely attached to the jawbone. These implants additionally serve the same function like natural teeth such as chewing or biting. They make it a lot easier for patients to eat, drink and speak. Dental implants also serve the purpose of jawbone structure restoration. Missing or damaged teeth can lead to tooth tissue loss, bone deterioration or resorption and even in some cases, jawbone loss. Dental implants also serve an aesthetic purpose as well. They look and feel exactly like natural teeth and can improve not only your smile but also your overall self-esteem.

What Makes Up a Dental Implant?

What Makes Up a Dental Implant?

It’s crucial to comprehend the components of a dental implant in order to understand how long they last. Here is what makes ups a dental implant:


The actual implant is the root component that is surgically screwed into the jawbone. It’s typically made of titanium.


The abutment is the base component that is screwed onto the implant above the gums. It keeps the crown in place.


The crown is the replacement tooth component that is secured into the abutment. It is typically made of ceramic or porcelain.

The abutment and the crown are more prone to damage as they are the only exposed part of the dental implant. The actual titanium post will likely last a lifetime while the crown typically lasts up to a maximum of approximately 25 years. The longevity of a dental implant is heavily dependent on how well you take care of them.  

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Factors that Will Affect How Long Your Dental Implants Last

If you properly maintain your dental implants, they will last way longer than if you are careless. Consider the following factors when contemplating how long dental implants will last:

General Oral Hygiene

Like with your natural teeth, it’s essential to brush and floss at least twice daily. Additionally, you need biannual visits to your dental office for check-ups. Practicing good oral hygiene on a daily basis is crucial to prevent gum disease, gingivitis or periodontal disease. Conditions such as these are especially problematic for people with dental implants. Any damage to your gums can cause your dental implants to fail.  Having regular general dentistry check-ups is crucial so that dental professionals can check up on your gum health and the status of your dental implants.


When you have dental implants, you need to be extra careful when chewing or biting on hard things like hard candy, corn on the cob and even popcorn.

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If your dental implant surgery is performed by dental implant experts, your dental implants will last longer. Professional dentists will secure your implants in place and examine the osseointegration of your implant to ensure your jawbone has been properly fused.

Dental Implant’s Location

Dental implants in the back of your mouth may not last as long as dental implants near the front of your mouth. This is due to wear and tear from chewing food.

Overall Health and Lifestyle 

Smoking and drinking don’t just negatively affect your natural teeth. If you are a heavy drinker or frequent smoker, your dental implants likely will not last long as a non-drinker or smoker. Reconsider these habits if you are considering dental implants. As well, patients with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes and cancer may experience dental implant failure.

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