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Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Prevent gum disease north york

Prevent gum disease

Our professional dental hygienist will throughly clean the really tough to reach spots that regular tooth brushes are not able to remove. This ensures that your gums remain healthy and gingivitis free. Plaque build-up causes gum disease and leads to tooth loss. Brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings remove plaque effectively.
Enjoy a brighter smile North York

Enjoy a brighter smile

Teeth cleaning rids your teeth of stains, discoloration and dullness. It goes a long way in improving the appearance of your smile. In order to ensure optimal results its suggested to have dental cleaning done 2 times per year. If you have a lot of dental work done on your teeth then quarterly dental cleaning is suggested.
Avoid Cavities North York

Avoid cavities

Plaque can erode your tooth enamel and contribute to cavities. If left unattended, cavities can cause more serious dental problems. During a dental cleaning our hygienist and dentist will inspect each tooth to ensure there are no issues that need immediate attention. This prevents any cavities and issues from going undetected.
Oral health North York

Supports overall health

According to scientific research Oral health and overall health are closely linked together. Regular dental cleanings lower the risk of life-threatening heart disease and stroke according to recent research.
Dental problems north york

Catch dental problems

Our hygienists not only clean your teeth throughly but also look for other tell-tale signs of health issues that family doctors frequently don’t notice. Early detection is valuable in halting the progress of serious dental as well as other health problems.
Fresher breath north york

Fresher breath

Poor oral hygiene can cause bad breath to develop and can be very difficult to treat. Our professional teeth cleaning services effectively address embarrassing issues of bad breath and yellow teeth. Call us to discuss innovative and affordable treatment solutions for bad breath and yellow teeth.

Our Dental Cleaning Procedure

dental cleaning in north york

Our dentists have extensive experience implanting All On 4 Dental Implants in North York. Expect a smooth and painless procedure under the professional care of our dental experts and support staff.

  1. Physical examination: A preliminary check of your teeth and gums is performed to see if you have inflamed gums (gingivitis) or early gum disease (periodontitis). Gingivitis usually precedes periodontitis.
  2. Plaque and tartar removal: Our dentist and hygienist uses modern specialized tools to clean your teeth and gums throughly. This is an essential process which ensures effective removal of built up plaque in hard to reach places between your teeth, as well as around your gumline. These areas are nearly impossible to clean with a regular toothbrush and require professional tools.
  3. Toothpaste cleaning: The dentist cleans your teeth with a gritty polishing toothpaste and a high-powered electric toothbrush. This deep cleaning removes traces of tartar that may be left behind.
  4. Flossing: The dentist flosses your teeth gently and effectively and instructs you on tips how you can do it more effectively. This will further remove any bits of tartar or toothpaste from the cleaning process. Flossing is followed by rinsing.
  5. Recession Analysis: We perform analysis of your gumline and record any recession. Based on this analysis our hygienist will advise you which areas to brush and floss more gently/carefully.
  6. Flouride treatment: Flouride is a mineral that repairs teeth. In this last step, the dentist adds fluoride gel into a mouthpiece and fits it into your teeth. If flouride varnish is used, it may be applied to your teeth using a brush. It is left on your teeth for a minute to allow the teeth to absorb the fluoride.

Is teeth cleaning necessary?

Teeth cleaning is necessary to remove inevitable tartar build-up between teeth, which can cause gum disease over time, which in turn can potentially increase chances of heart attacks and strokes. Clean and healthy teeth also improve your smile and preserve oral hygiene and self confidence.

Does teeth cleaning hurt?

During cleanings, dentists may apply a topical anesthetic for a numbing effect and a comfortable experience. If you have healthy teeth and gums, dental cleanings should be easy and painless. However our dentists and hygienists are very experienced and will ensure to not apply pressure to sensitive areas.

Teeth cleaning side effects

After teeth cleaning, your teeth and gums may feel a bit sensitive, but this is normal and temporary. In rare cases, improper dental cleaning may damage teeth and gums. It is imperative that you undergo professional dental cleaning from a qualified dental hygienist.

Dental cleaning cost

Teeth cleaning costs can hover between $75 and $200, with an average cost of $127 for a routine cleaning. If you have dental insurance, it should cover the cost of 1-2 annual dental cleanings.

Can dental cleaning damage teeth?

Brushing your teeth daily is essential for healthy teeth and gums. However, vigorous brushing, or brushing and flossing too often can cause sensitive teeth and lead to receding gums. Dental cleaning by a qualified dentist will not damage your teeth, and is in fact, recommended to keep tooth and gum decay away.

Type of dental cleaning

Your dental cleaning plan will depend on the current health of your teeth and gums. If the dentist finds that you have gingivitis or periodontitis, he/she may perform a deep clean that may need follow-up appointments, or recommend oral surgery, respectively.

Teeth cleaning frequency

Twice a year dental cleanings are recommended. If you can maintain excellent oral hygiene, once a year may suffice. If you have active gum disease, professional dental cleaning every three to four months may be required.
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