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Dentist North York is committed to providing dental care to achieve a smile that is healthy and beautiful. Our North York dentists and staff are dedicated to educating our patients, discussing your particular circumstances and treatment options in a comfortable, friendly and supportive atmosphere. We stress the importance of preventive care and offer expert instruction so you can maintain good oral hygiene.

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Accepting New Patients

Dentist North York is currently accepting new patients looking for a new family dentist in North York. We would love to meet you and your family, show you our clinic and have you meet our friendly and highly experienced staff. Call us to book an appointment today.
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Full Service Dental Clinic

Our North York family dental clinic covers your entire family’s oral health needs, from routine examinations, dental cleaning, root canals, dental implants, all on 4 denture implants, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and everything in-between at highly competitive prices.
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Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergency? Contact us right away. We are accepting new and existing patients with a broad range of dental emergency needs. To learn more about the emergency dental services that we treat please click below or call us to speak to an emergency dentist in North York.
Emergency Dentist North York
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Dental Implants

At our innovative dental clinic in North York we offer the most up-to-date advances in dental implants and all on 4 dental implants at highly affordable prices. We are currently offering complimentary Dental Implant consultations for new and existing patients.
Dental Implants
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Teeth Cleaning North York

We stress the importance of preventive care and offer affordable dental cleaning services as well as expert advice so you can maintain healthy oral hygiene for life. Our dental cleaning services in North York include a comprehensive oral exam, affordable annual or semi-annual teeth cleaning services for people of all ages.
Teeth Cleaning
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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our clinic specializes in professional wisdom tooth removal in North York. Removal of an impacted tooth can prevent cyst formation, crowding of teeth, infections, and damage to adjacent teeth. Our dentists use the latest sophisticated wisdom tooth extraction procedures to provide quick, effective and painless removal.
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are looking for a life changing smile makeover in North York, our cosmetic dentistry procedures offer best in class solutions to all your cosmetic dentistry needs. You can rely on our modern and innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you a beautiful and healthy set of teeth and gums.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery North York

Our highly experienced and caring oral surgeons specialize in treating a broad spectrum of oral health issues that require specialized oral surgery procedures. We have top-of-the-line instruments and a comfortable environment. You’ll be in the best hands at our oral surgery clinic in North York. Our facility offers state-of-art oral surgery care at affordable costs.
Oral Surgery

Why Choose Dentist North York

We are a truly caring dentist and we strive to make our patients feel safe, comfortable and healthy.

  • We offer highly competitive prices. Other dental clinics that have not been around as long as we can not match our prices and quality of service.
  • We are a full-service family dental clinic in North York accepting new patients.
  • We offer state-of-the-art dental facilities and equipment for a broad range of dental needs.
  • Our dentists and dental assistants are highly experienced, qualified and trained to deliver outstanding dental services to our patients.

Call us to find out why thousands of patients love us and have chosen Dentist North York as their Family Dentist of choice for over 30 years.

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Dentist North York News

Oct 2021
Why should you consider a root canal treatment?
Treatments for root canals are highly effective in preserving natural teeth and maintaining dental health. Today’s treatment procedures and technologies ensure that the treatments are painless, and any discomfort experienced during the recovery period is minimal. When compared to tooth extractions, root canal treatments are more cost-effective and efficient. Patients who undergo tooth extractions will need to schedule follow-up appointments. Whereas a root canal procedure is a one-time procedure, and patients do not need to see their dentist for follow-up visits. The best thing about root canal treatments is that they deliver stunning results. So, if you want healthy teeth that look great, you should consult a reputed dental clinic for oral surgery.
Sep 2021
Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Side Effects You Can Expect
Wisdom teeth extraction has been a fairly common practice, and dental experts believe that it is best to extract a wisdom tooth before it causes problems. It is expected that your cheek will swell on the side affected by tooth extraction. The swelling might even get worse over a few days before eventually subsiding. Bleeding, pain and difficulty opening your jaw are some of the main side effects that you might experience. Contact your dentist if bleeding does not stop after 24 hours post-extraction or if any side effects don’t subside after even a week.
Jul 2021
How may not have four wisdom teeth
Not everyone gets four wisdom teeth. Some people get one or two wisdom teeth, while others might have three or four. Some people have no wisdom teeth at all. However, it is very rare for someone to have more than four wisdom teeth. If there are more than four wisdom teeth, the extra teeth are known as supernumerary teeth. Another fun fact is this: Around 85% of the human population needs wisdom teeth extraction during their lifetime. There are several reasons why a dentist would recommend wisdom teeth removal. The reasons range from wisdom teeth gum pain to misaligned teeth and even so that you can care for and clean your teeth better.
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