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What may be considered a dental emergency during a lockdown?
Most dental services were on hold during the Covid-19 lockdowns the world over. But emergency care had to be kept open. We hope there’s never a similar situation in the future and the world is soon Covid free. But if we ever have to be in lockdown again, here are some dental issues that will be considered for emergency dental services. Swelling of gums and cheeks that is spreading, intense pain, mouth ulcers that are not healing for more than 2 weeks, bleeding from a tooth extraction site, and some other conditions can be considered as emergencies that call for immediate attention. These are acknowledged by most medical authorities, including the American Dental Association.
A Gender War in Dental Care and Awareness
It seems that women are winning the game when it comes to dental health. An article published in the Journal of Periodontology back in 2011, said that women are almost twice as likely to go for periodic dental checkups than men. They are also more likely to follow the dentist’s advice following the checkup. The study revealed that women showed lower incidences of dental plaque, calculus, and bleeding on probing, and thus better overall periodontal health. Men need to catch up soon and look out for their dental health without fearing oral surgeries or emergency dental care whenever that becomes necessary.