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Our Oral Surgery Services


Tooth extraction

A tooth extraction is necessary to treat severe tooth decay, an infection of the gums and bones supporting the teeth, or a crowded mouth. It is performed under local or general anaesthesia. In case of an infected tooth, our dentist gently cuts away the gum and tissue, and either loosens the tooth from the jaw bone or removes it in pieces. Typically, stitches are required to close the wound.

Dental implants

A dental implant surgery replaces tooth roots with metal posts to hold artificial teeth that look and behave like natural teeth. Implants offer a solid support for new teeth, and are a better alternative to dentures or bridgework that doesn’t fit well. Our dentist will recommend the required treatment after reviewing your dental X-rays and medical history.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is needed if your jawbone isn’t thick enough to serve as a solid base for a dental implant. Modern procedures use bone-substitute materials for grafting. Bone grafting can be minor, performed as the same time as dental implant surgery, or require several months of waiting to allow the transplanted bone to grow enough new bone to support the implant.

Wisdom tooth removal

Impacted wisdom tooth extraction is an outpatient surgery performed under sedation. Our dentist carefully makes incisions in your gum tissue and removes the bone obstructing the tooth root, to remove the affected tooth. If more than one wisdom tooth needs to be removed and a complicated procedure is anticipated, then the procedure may require a general anaesthetic.

Cosmetic dentistry

Our oral surgeons are proficient in prosthodontic procedures that restore the aesthetics and function of your mouth. Besides the surgical insertion of dental implants, we also treat complex dental conditions, from replacing a single tooth to all teeth and gums in your mouth. Treatment commences after a thorough diagnosis of the clinical conditions associated with deficient teeth and/or other oral issues.

Our Services

For more information about dental implants or if you would like to schedule our no-charge dental implants consultation appointment please call our office today at 416-585-2663

Trusted Oral Surgeons in North York

Oral Surgeon in North York, ON

There are many reasons why we’re a premier center for oral surgery in Toronto. Operational since 1985 and led by an experienced and empathetic team of dental specialists, we have kept up with advancements in dental surgery.

Our clinic employs advanced techniques and tools, including computer-guided surgery for precise implant placement and digital 3D images of the mouth. We accept new patients and proactively recommend treatments for any issues detected during bi-annual teeth cleaning.

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery treats a broad range of oral problems affecting the teeth, gums and jaw. Some conditions that necessitate dental surgery are missing teeth, teeth misalignment, impacted wisdom teeth, tooth extractions, minor or major trauma to the jaw, or aesthetic imperfections with the teeth and gums.

Oral surgery cost

The cost of dental surgery depends on the particular issue being remedied. The average cost of a dental implant, after factoring in dentist’s fee and material costs, is between $4,000-$4,500. A simple tooth extraction costs between $75 and $200 per tooth, while impacted teeth cost between $800 and $4,000.

What is oral surgery like?

As oral surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia, you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. Depending on the type of dental surgery, you will receive stitches/sutures that may be absorbable or non-absorbable. Some pain and soreness can be expected post-surgery once the anesthesia wears off.

How long does oral surgery take?

A routine tooth extraction takes 20-40 minute to complete. Implant surgery for a single tooth usually takes an hour or two, including the time for anesthesia and dressing the patient for the surgery. A bone graft procedure takes 45-90 minutes. Periodontal surgery involving the gums can take up to two hours to complete.

Oral surgery recovery

It is common to experience pain in the first 24-48 hours after your dental surgery. Discomfort at the surgery site may persist for 3-5 days. Dental implant surgery is associated with a longer healing process, ranging from 6-12 weeks. Our oral surgeon will provide post-surgery care instructions and prescribe pain-relieving medication.
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