Dr. Samara Ghanim


Dr. Ghanim strives to provide each of her patients with the best experience possible and the best quality. Through her many years of experience, her goal is always to keep the smile on her patients with the possible open communication which is the best way to combat dental anxiety. She also believes in the importance of the dentist/ patient relationship, ensures that her patients are always informed of the treatment plans and procedures and encourages regular check up appointments to prevent bigger issues from developing down the road.

Dr. Ghanim is an active member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario as well as the Ontario Dental Association. She also actively attends continuing education courses to keep herself up to date on new dental practices and the latest technology being considered or used.

She speaks English and Arabic and enjoys her quality time with her husband and two kids. Ghanim also likes traveling, dancing and whipping up new recipes in the kitchen in her free time.